Luxor is a very complete action game with 4 game modes and 4 difficulty levels

Luxor is a very entertaining action game,
The main objective of the game is to shoot colored spheres in order to create matches of at least three spheres with the same color. The spheres will be rolling in a road guided by a scarab, if they reach the end of it then you loose. Each color represents a different god, and if you do three matches in a row, then you will get a power bonus from the god of that color. Also if collect four jars that will appear during each stage, you gain access to bonus levels.
Among the power bonus, there is reverse, net, fireball, speedshots, stop, wild, etc...
The game comes with 4 different game modes, puzzle mode with no time limit, onslaught mode with additional statues that will block your shooting, crossing the Nile mode where the objective is to destroy the scarab and endless mode, where you will have to fight a never ending advance. Besides the modes you can also choose to play at four different difficulty levels.
It will keep track of all your stats, like, global score, total play time, times you completed the campaign at each different difficulty level, total shots, accuracy, most matches in a row, biggest chain reaction, etc...

Augusto Rivera
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  • It comes with a wide variety of power bonuses, game modes and difficulty levels


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